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February 2009

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The Usual Restaurant
You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluroescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the place and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and some holograms of different B-movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the place, it's surface polished and shiny and all together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are various beverages that are servered and a giant mirror. There seems to be an inordant amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's and exit outside. A large fireplace rests in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.
[Exits   : (O)ut, (K)itchen, UR's (D)ance Club, and UR's Workout (G)ym ]
[Things  : Sign: Adventurers Wanted!, SIGN, Skutters, and Mirror ]

Mei slips quietly, from the street, a black hood pulled up over her face, motions plain and calm.  She peers, poking a skutter.. "Darling could you get me a large hamburger, a plate of fries, a pork roast with mashed potatos, and a large strawberry cake.. and one of those fizzy cherry drink things. Thank you." she pauses to spin on her heels, examining the room for those damn prinnies. eughckt.. she hates those scary flipper birds. It is a woman from beyond the grave. Eye patch and all.
Fresh from the fight with Galaxia, reunited with her friends, what's the first thing Usagi's gonna want to do?  Get some food, maybe a milkshake, and catch up.  But, lacking a Crown Arcade, what's a girl to do?  She certainly dosen't want to risk the cafe she heard of that's run by Beryl of all people... so it's to the UR.  She pushes open the door and sticks her head in.  "Looks like the place is open..."
Rick enters the restaurant slowly, carefully.  In his right hand there is a short white Cane,  used almost idly to tap around in front of him.  He frowns faintly at the ambient noise.   "Could somebody spare a moment to lend a guy a hand please?"
Mei glances at the duo, quietly, her ears twittering as she blinks a bit "Oh strangers." she commented, dully, getting her soda from a skutter before scooting towards Usagi to curiously circle her before covering her mouth to 'Ohohoho' a bit, tapping her toe and scooting away to let her darkened green eyes again scan the ceiling, cheerfulness in her expression.
Usagi freezes as she gets circled around.  Okay, that's... kinda creepy.  "Hi?" she offers in an uncertain voice, glancing around and wondering if she's gonna get alittle help here.  "Erm, yes, I'll try and help you sir, but, I'm not exactly sure what you need..." she says, looking for an excuse to get away from the odd circling girl.
Now pausing, the blind man smiles, "Well, it would be a great help if you could guide me to an empty seat, miss.  My name is Richard, by the way.  Richard Huntsman."  he folds his cane, taking a moment to turn towards the circling girl, "and what might your name be, miss?"
Mei smiles "Do be careful, human, this world is full of.. Oh ! You brought out the cake!" she claps at the skutter, who is setting her dinner order on her table, soon settling down to begin nibbling a bit of Mashed potato. "Me? I'm worm food and mosterbait, Miss Mei Hebi, formerly Satanas." she commented. "Seeing as I'm 'dead' and all, I'm pretty sure my former husband's name needs no attachment to me and all. Om nom nom." she goes back to eatting her delicious food. A lot of delicious food. Somewhat rapidly too.
Usagi nods once, brightly, and takes Richard's arm to help guide him over to an empty table. "All right.  Pleased to meet you, Richard Huntsman, I am Tsukino Usagi."  She's very careful in guiding him over, making sure she chooses a path free of obstructions.  "Over here, the chair should be right in front of you.  And, thanks for the advice Miss, I'll try to stay out of trouble."
Rick smiles, "A pleasure to meet you, Usagi. "  when he is led to the table, he sits neatly, and hmms, "Please, join me.  I too, plan on being cautious.  No reason to be careless."   Setting his cane on the table, it is in plain view, the top third of it is formed of what looks like obsidian, with a small silver sphere at the tip.  Not too unlike a variant perhaps on a power pen, or a senshi henshin item.  (ooc sorry if I am being too blatant in this)
Usagi nods.  "Okay."  She sits down at one of the other chairs at the table, and eye his cane.  "Huh... must be a popular stye." she notes aloud, looking at the cane, then, a bit harder at Richard's face.  It couldn't be a henshin device, could it?  The only male senshi she knows of were the Starlights...
Mei pauses her spoon, letting it dangle in her mouth before popping it out "Oh! good the person Ami and Makoto were waiting for showed up. I'm so happy for them." she commented, clapping her hands again and pausing a bit to again look around, toying with her long brown hair and playing with it for a moment before going back to her potatos to shovel them in, starting in on the rest of her food cheerfully. She's actually humming an old tune happily
Rick hmms, and he smiles, "Not exactly a popular style, miss Usagi..  I do not know of anyone else with a cane quite like mine.. "  he picks the cane up again, for a moment, and if somebody is looking carefully, they might see the obsidian shimmer faintly, almost like there are shadows swirling within the glass.  "Or should I call you.. serenity?"  this last is whispered gently, trying to keep it so only Usagi can hear him.
Mei's voice rises softly, a mood striking the small healer. "No resting, no falling, There is someone we're watching. The morning of prayers, The night of ideas. The surveilling moon's jealousy, The evolving moon's jealousy. " she sang out, swaying her body in the utmost of graceful motions, belly dancing it seems.. Afterall she hasn't been quite right in a long time. Her hands sway as she sings.
Usagi shakes her head.  "Let's save that for more formal occasions.  As I am now, it's just Usagi."  She says evenly.  "And it wasn't canes I was referring to in that style, but pens."  Someone with an item like that... who knows the name Serenity?  That'd probably be a reason to panic if she were back home, but, now, the moon's so far away that title's probably worthless.
Rick nods just faintly, and he smiles, "I understand.  as I am Rick..  It is good to meet you in person.. What can I get you to drink, Usagi?  I think I will have green tea, myself.  "  he turns towards Met, and raises a brow, taking off his glasses to reveal a pair of milky-white orbs.  "Interesting choice of phrase, miss.  "
Usagi nods in agreement with Rick.  "The moon as I know it... isn't really jealous."  It's just her princess that can be quite jealous.  "And, I'd like some soda, please, root beer if it's available."  Yep, her sweet tooth's in full effect.  "I just got here today, this place is so confusing... but, I've already run into Rei and Makoto, so I've already got friends here."
Mei pauses turning to glance at Rick "I get songs stuck easily in my head. Is that a problem with you?" she asked, her eyes really lack whites, so she has odd eyes too, well the one that isn't covered with an eye patch is odd, the other is eyepatched. " If you fight, I'll flee away post haste. I am not at all physically strong, nor am I tall.  And two of you against one me would be most unfair." she offered, quietly.
Rick hmms, and he smiles, "I see.. I have been alone for quite some time, myself..   A root beer should be no problem, Usagi"  Then he hmms at Mei's words, "Now whyever would we seek to fight you miss?  I have no problem with you getting songs stuck in your head.. "  however wierd they may be.
Usagi nods.  "And you said you knew Ami and Makoto, if they haven't caused any trouble with you, why should I?  I trust their judgement."  she says firmly, then gives a warm smile.  "We can think a song odd without wanting to hurt you."  She turns back to Rick.  "So, how long have you been here in Twisted?"
Mei fus and deflates a little holding her chest and flopping down. She takes something out of a small pocket and stares into it, quietly curling her legs under it, humming a very soft melody to herself. giving Usagi and her new friend space it seems. " Maybe someday I'll become warm again.. and all of you will flood back." she whispered, to the photo, hugging it near and dear.
Rick closes his eyes just for a moment, before he answers Usagi's question.. "I just got here..   And I am not entirely sure how it is that I managed to get here.   Last thing I clearly remember, I was at Jusenkyo, in China.. training."
Usagi nods, "And then appearing here, it's probably a bit of a shock.  From what I was told, this place is an unstable nexus of realities, kinda like a tidal pool where you don't know what's going to be washed into it, or away.  From what I've seen so far, this building seems the most stable..."
Rick nods.. and he hmms, "Not unlike a place I recall called CAFAM.. the interdimensional mall..  But if this place is a nexus.. there is great danger, potentially too."    he sounds fairly serious now.. "At least I do not think I fell into any of the springs at Jusenkyo.  That would be a disaster."
Mei moves quietly to look at Usagi. Her fingernails touching Usagi's shoulder curiously before just examining her again.. "I don't see how we're similar still." she mumbled.. "Maybe it was my traditional hair style.." she mumbled, making a slight pouty face, obviously its bothering her a bit.
Usagi suggests, "Maybe the similarity comes from how much we rely on our friends?" she suggests to Mei.  "And, Richard, I don't know how bad Jusenkyo springs would have been, but, I'm glad you didn't.  But, where danger's concerned, as long as I'm with friends I should be okay, right?"
Rick nods.. "Yes, you should be fine so long as you are with friends.. And if I had fallen into one of the springs, I would have been cursed by it.. "
Mei shakes her head a bit "If thats what they call it." she twitches a little bit "Well now I'm all alone so I have to stand tall and make it or do whatever it is you do when you are supposed to be dead and gone." she offered, with a shrug.  Her voice picks up again as she heads back for her chair. "Just as a place of shining light can fall into shadow Things that have life will surely die But don't be sad To be born whole Even your love will travel with you. Brand-new world Brand-new world" she sang, her head dips as she settles back in to takes a fork to poke at her cake. "Maybe I don't want to eat you after all.. " she mumbled.
Rick hmms, "But Shadows are not necessarily bad things.. They can conceal, and they can protect..  Light and darkness, one can not exist without the other."
Usagi nods.  "And sometimes, when the shadows hide the light, that just means the light has to shine brighter than ever before to overcome it." she says quietly, thinking of her many battles in the past.  "But, a light, no matter how bright, will always cast a shadow." Rick nods to Usagi, and he smiles, "Yes, it will, and the stronger the light, the deeper the shadpw"
Rick nods to Usagi, and he smiles, "Yes, it will, and the stronger the light, the deeper the shadow it will cast.  But the shadow is not something to be feared, Usagi.  "
Mei smiles a bit, glancing over "Its probably best you forget you met me. It is my fate to stay alone and not stay attached to anyone person." she offered, glancing out to push her weight up, her thin frame taking the cake to set before Usagi. "Ha-p-pi Bi.. birth date." she commented, as if it was still a foreign concept to her.  "I think you should spare Makochan and Miss Ami's hearts and not tell them you saw me. I couldn't let myself pain them further." she whispered, her body bowing deeply, enough that the tips of her serpent hair show just slightly.
Usagi smiles wryly.  "Of course not.  such shadows are to be trapped in mirrors, or outshone."  At Mei turning to go, She flashes a bright smile, and reaches out to try and grab Mei's wrist.  "Nonsense.  The way you hurt people the most is by staying away.  Now sit down and join us, please.  And thank you for the cake."
Mei squeaks at being grabbed. "I am supposed to be dead. I am an unlucky catalyst. You don't want me to stay around and make something bad happen simply by being so near." she waves a hand, her arm tugging just slightly. "Eheh...." She pauses, staying still "Oh its warm.. You're so warm. You're going to have trouble if Oblivion comes calling, such warm gentle energy." she mumbled, little pointed ears flicking as she sort of sighs. "Gods above and below please keep the fiends away for this moment and don't let trouble befall her." she mumbled, soon enough embarassedly trying to get her hand back.
Rick hmms, "It is your birthday, Usagi?  Happy birthday then, to you.  "  he then tilts his head towards Mei,  "please, as Usagi said, join us.   Your company is more than welcome.  "   now he is goign to remain quiet about shadows and light, he knows that there must always be harmony between light and darkness.
Bruce has connected.
Usagi arches an eyebrow.  She's faced down chaos, and this person is worried about oblivion?  "I can take care of myself.  Please, don't worry for once and join us."  She offers a warm smile.  "If fiends come, I'm sure we'll be able to handle it.  And, isn't it better not to have to face such things alone?"
Rick has disconnected.
Mei shakes her head.. "It is better to face the danger alone and protect the ones you love with out endangering them." she offered. She sits down, her bottom settling int a chair, her knees on her lap, nervously glancing around, afterall, its the longest she's been outside for a long time without her disguise.
Talkie Toaster® suddenly chimes in, and says loudly, "And this round of toast is brought to you from the fine people from Crapola Inc"
Talkie Toaster® suddenly starts shooting out pieces of baked bread from its breadpan. Isn't it a considerate machine?
Usagi smiles warmly at Mei.  "You don't know my loved ones."  She reaches up to tuck a stray strand back behind her ear.  "They'd rush right into danger after me."  And have, alot of times, in the past... a peice of toast zooms by her face.  "What the...?" she looks around... "Is... that normal?"
Mei stares at the toaster.. She takes the toast and holds it up "Uh.. " she flings it far and away like a frisbee, keeping her eye on the toaster suspiciously, afterall, its likely to be in co-operation with those damn flipperless bird fish things. "No. It isn't which makes it normal here."
Usagi catches another peice of toast out of the air, looks at it a second, winks, then using her tiara frizbee skills flings it expertly back at the toaster, aiming it to land back in one of the slots.  "Well, what is normal for this place?" she asks curiously.
Batman catches the toast that flew past Usagi's head as he steps from the shadows, "In this existance nothing should be unexpected." His cape flows about him like a heavy cloak, his eyes hidden by lenses of pure white. "In my time here's I've seen mortal beings with power enough to destroy gods, intelligent penguins, and sentient computers.  I've also seen chaos in its purest form, and unfortuneatly someone is running around here with the power to use that to his advantage."
Mei pauses "So you've met .. Oblivion?" she hazarded. "If you are wounded I can ease your discomfort and ease your injuries." she commented, calmly. She pauses.. "Devi? I wonder who all you've met." she watches the toaster with high suspicion. Not at all at ease about it, it seems. She cracks multiple joints, trying to loosen up
Usagi shakes her head.  "Chaos?  Chaos is here?"  Her mind latches on to the pertenant fact.  "I thought it got dissolved in the Caldron..." is she going to have to try and find her way back to make sure it stays down this time?  She hates galactic travel, things always go wrong... "Right then, point me at it."  She just got done fighting, but some fights ...
Batman raises a gloved hand, "Slow down. Twisted IS Chaos. THe person I'm speaking of is nothing more than a sick, twisted, and murderous clown. Here, the insanity of his mind can latch on to the chaos around him and grow to strengths I can't take down alone. He hasn't figured it out yet and I've not been able to find him yet." Batman's eyes narrow to slits, "I'm using every angle I can to find him, but once I do..I'm not sure I can stop him alone."
Mei shakes her head.. "A murderous clown.. No Oblivion is not a clown. Nor are any of them around here. If you tell me who it is, I may know where you can find him. Contrary to what has been said, dead men do tell tales, if you know how to ask." she hums.. "There are many sick, twisted murderous types. Its very ... unbecoming but the council doesn't seem to give a damn so should they not effect me, I shall do nothing towards them." she mumbled, watching Usagi. "Chaos exists in the heart of all living creatures, it just consumes some." she mumbled.
Usagi groans.  Clowns?  she reaches up to rub her temples.  "Please tell me the clown dosen't come complete with a circus and a creepy lady trapped in a mirror that likes to corrupt dreams, and minions with names like FishEye, HawkEye and TigerEye..."
Caliga has arrived.
Batman shakes his head, "His name is Joker. And as far as the murderous types, you might want to talk to someone named Tyler. According to the files in his computer he has the equipment, know how, and the plan to take down those types. He's currently going after small fry to keep some of the 'normal' people around here safe. He'd need a team to stop the more powerful types." Batman stops to think for a moment, "The Joker may be running around with a girl who goes by the name of Harley Quinn. She'd be as unmistakable as himself."
Mei mms a bit "I'll tell you if I see a Joker.. or a Harlequin." she mumbled. "I hate clowns, oh so very much." she mumbled, holding her head "The more powerful ones are not without positive merit.. " she murmured, awkwardly, as if the god damn batman was talking shit about her friends. She pauses a bit "I am quite sure this Joker or Harlequin won't bother me too much as I'm not terribly interesting." she offered quietly "I really should make more fire potions to sell on the market to replenish my gold fund." she mumbled, thoughtfully.
Usagi nods.  "I'll be sure to watch out for them, Mr... mr..."  she pauses, fumbling.  "Um, what is your name?  You never introduced yourself."  Yep, she's drawing a complete and total blank on whom the Batman is, which is probably good for secret identity purposes.
Batman offers a gruff chuckle, "They call me Batman, or The Batman...though only one person calls me that anymore." He offers a nod, "I take it you're Usagi, a member of a team I'll keep quiet in case you don't wish it known to others." HE looks at Mei, "I've not run across anything on you...except you're name is Mei and you either are or were married to a powerful being named Caliga."
Mei makes a face "Oh I don't think married anymore, what with my death and all. I was married to Mister Caliga Satanas. That .. is in the past as he loves me no longer and the feeling is mutual." the last half, since Batman probally can tell a lie from a mile away, is infact not the truth exactly. "I am Mei Hebi, I am skilled in protective and healing magics and potion making." she murmured, eyes snaking around, for the toaster or prinnies. "Also what is a penguin?" she asked suddenly "is it a magical pen?"
Usagi reaches up to tug on one of her ponytails for emphasis.  "It's the hair, right?  That's how everyone keeps recognising me?" she asks wryly, then offers a bright smile.  "Pleased to meet you, Batman.  And thank you for that discression.  We've had enough trouble in the past."  At the question of a penguin being a magical pen, well, she'd do a spittake if she had a soda.  "Nonononononono, a penguin is a bird that lives where it's really cold and swims instead of flies."
Batman allows himself a smirk at the confusion over penguins before becoming serious again, "I've contacted Tyler's computer with information concerning the Joker and with a bit of information concerning yourselves.  If you were interested in helping keep the peace, he'd be the man to go to." He turns to the door and opens it, "As it stands, however, I have to take my leave. There are issues I have to attend to." There's a sound of a shot as a grapple launches from a device Batman is holding. In moments the caped crusader is gone, off into the night of Twisted.
Mei sighs a bit ".. Who the hell is Tyler." she mumbled, She glances at Usagi confusedly "I guess that makes sense. I should of stayed hiding, everyone knowing my private life is confusing." she sighed out. "Everyone is so nosey, not that I'm any better. I wish he hadn't mentioned Caliga.." she murmured, slumping down to take a piece of the cake she'd given to Usagi, to shove whole in her mouth.
Usagi flashes Mei an understanding smile.  "Old relationships are never something easy to talk about, it's okay.  I know when Iwas broken up with Mamoru, any mention of him would just ruin my day..."  She takes a slice of the cake for herself, and nibbles.  "I don't know who Tyler is either, I guess we'll find out eventually."
Aurelio is a visitor. The man is moving with a slow, rubbery pace, body all smooth angles and imprecise movements. His entrance into the building is subdued, just faint jingle of bells to announce his arrival. The little gold chimes on the man's hat wag back and forth, swaying too and fro like tiny dancers caught in some strange rhythm.
Mei makes a face.. "I probably know him, I'm just.." she holds her temple.. "I can't remember." she sighs "Caliga is no... Oh Aurelio." she murmured, glancing over at the jingle bells "Hello my dear friend." she murmured.. "Caliga abandoned me at the time I needed him most and I blame him for the sadness that haunts me every night."
Bruce has disconnected.
Usagi sighs.  "Well, that's... are you going to be okay?"  Abandoning someone when they're needed is not something you do in her books.  "That kind of thing is hard to forgive, if you even want to forget it..."
Aurelio bows his head, little smile tugging at his lips when he hears the woman that calls to him. Head arcs up, dark eyes rising toward Mei and the other at her table. "Different," He chimes, light word tossed over before he makes toward the table. Slender reach, plucking hat from head and depositing it upon the table's surface.
Mei nods "I'll be alright. I will, I promise." she takes Aurelio's hat and plops it atop her head. " This is Aurelio, he is my friend and a wonderous musician. Oho, thats right, you've not seen this form outside of the darkness of the cave I hid in... It is Phoebe, darling friend.. " she stands up, whispering a word before poofing into her white haired pale as the moon gemmed form she used in hiding, turning once before becoming herself oncemore.

Usagi blinks.  Hat?  Phoebe?  "hello Aurelio, pleased to meet you, I'm Usagi."  She says with a warm smile.  "Forgive me if I'm a bit silent, I'm a bit out of my depth here... though, I do like the moonlight form, it's very pretty."

Aurelio lets out a puff of laughter when Mei takes his hat, reply made of, "I remember. Do you think I'd forget who you are?" One hand extends absently toward the other at the table, easy reply of, "Like her." A pause, then flash of bright teeth. "And you." Head arcs back toward Mei after, asking, "Can I join you? It seems like I've been walking forever."
Mei nods a bit "Of course, have I ever told you to scram, Aurelio?" she asked, watching the other non pasty person with a grin "Will you play for us tonight or are you just here to get a drink and rest your legs?" she asked, taking a moment to stand up and stand on tip-toe, giving her friend a hug in greeting  "I will dance if you play. I am sure Usagi likes music too."
Usagi pulls out a chair for Aurelio to join them at, not bothering to say a word.  She's letting the two friends talk while she tries to digest everything that's happened today.  Galaxia, a new world, finding friends again... NEW WORLD WITH WEIRD RULES... yeah.

Aurelio makes wag of his fingers toward Mei, replying, "If you dance I can't refuse." He settles into the seat offered up, sinking back and letting himself loosen. Eyes flicker over the building again, slow sweeps before attention returns to Mei. "Have you been alright?"
Mei mms a bit "I raised a castle, I'm very tired." she smiles "But I have met two new friends today so it is alright." she reaches over, taking a moment to examine Usagi's hair tips, petting it a bit before chuckling "How do you keep it so straight and tidy?" she asked, shifting to lightly lean against Aurelio for warmth, smiling "Usagi is full of warmth  that draws people near from what I feel." she offered.

Usagi smiles at Mei.  "It's all in the conditioner, and a bit of genetic luck, I think.  My mom's was thick and curly, mine's straight and not much body.  I'm just lucky it dosen't break easily."  Hair talk, now that she can get into.  "And... thanks.  I've always tried to help people, maybe that's the warmth you're sensing?"

"New world. Wierd rules. No matter what, the game is always the same." A sliver of darkness suddenly appears in the center of the Usual Resturant, slowly growing to reveal a man with long black hair, pitch black sunglasses, and a long black trenchcoat. Mei would immediatly recognize who it is, but to the others... "Chiba Usagi.. Well, no.. you still seem to be Tsukino Usagi.. No matter." He reaches into the trenchcoat, and pulls out a small PDA, which he then looks at, grinning wickedly. "No matter. Mizuno and Kino have both already.... Heh.. Well, you'll find out soon enough." The PDA is placed back into his jacket, as he then turns to Mei. "The stench of Oblivion is all around you. It's such a shame too.. You were such a good companion. However, what's done, is done." His left hand slowly rises up, the index and middle fingers pointing towards the ceiling. He jerks the fingers toward his body, causing the necklace around her neck to break, and fly towards Caliga, landing with a soft clatter at his feet. "I release you from any bond you have with me. Never associate yourself with me again, or admit that you held my name. Maybe you'll be safer this way." He slowly reaches down, and picks up the necklace with his right hand, closing it tightly.
Aurelio's head slowly arcs back toward Usagi, a slow and almost mechanical gesture at Mei's words. His lips quiver, shaking just a moment before a little laugh escapes. Then another, teeth flashing for a second before hand rises to cover a spout of little chuckles. "Aaaa," He croons, calming after a few moments, laughter subsiding just slightly. "Be careful who you tell that too." Hand reaches to rest on Mei's shoulder when he leans, absent gesture between choked breaths. There's a distinct pause when things get stranger, head rising up sharply toward the thing that appears. "Que?" Just that, glance all around.
Mei startles, actually scurrying up onto the table "I've had no contact with Oblvion outside of your sending him. Mister Satanas." she steps down, a rage in her "You abandoned me to try to murder me you bastard. Why would you do that?" she takes her hands up "WHY I demand an answer for that! I waited months.. MONTHS for your return for a word. For reassurance you still lived.. Months in agony. You killed off Felicity, Skeeve, the rest, didn't you?" she squinted, big tears welling up. "Usagi, Aurelio. Run." she murmured.. her hands clenching tighter.  "You didn't just want me dead, you tried to kill the child... The child we bonded to make..."
Usagi reaches up, lightly taps Mei's arm.  "Exactly what part of I don't abandon friends did you miss earlier?" She asks, rising to her feet but making no other movement for now.  "If it gets to where anyone needs to run, I'm staying."  She reaches up to wrap one hand around her broach for comfort, and just in case.  She turns towards Caliga.  "You're the one who came here to confront her, if you want to repudate a bond shouldn't that be done by not being here?  And how does everyone know my name?  I'm just a high school student!"  with an interesting part time job.
Aurelio's eyes bounce across the table, lips pressing into thin line as Mei decides to use the surface as a podium. "I'll be back in just a second." Fingers loft, aligning to the surface before making one firm push. Up to his feet he goes, neck rolling in an arc that elicits sharp pop of bone. He steps backward after, making slow steps away from the conflict and toward the door.
"Girl.. You would be wise to listen to your peers." The words come out from Caliga's mouth, dripping with venom as the necklace suddenly catches on fire in his hands, turning into ashes. "Tell me Mei, if I wanted you dead, why would I send beings of lesser stature to do my dirty work?" The ashes slowly start to float in the air around him, slowly turning into embers of fire. "I am a divine being. I do not need anything that mortals would require, and only desire companionship out of sheer boredom. Is your brain so warped, that you don't even remember this?" The embers slowly start to spark, creating a thin ring spiral of fire that continues to dance around his body. "Now.. To answer your question Miss Tsukino... I am a member of TASK. TASK, is an interdimensional Police Force to protect underdeveloped worlds, and as such, we have a pangalactic database of every known world, being, and creature on said worlds. So it isn't hard to observe and pinpoint things. In one of my numerous flights of fancy, I gave one of our Personal Data Assistants to a man, who chose to start defending the common man of this hellhole, to help him better learn his enemies, and his comrades."
Mei's eyes close as she lets her tears roll down her cheeks "You abandoned me and left without much explanation. You left Oblivion and Devi in to kill me. Allison was Devi and she tried to kill the baby. You promised to stay married to me as long as I still loved you." she noticably shakes, her own energy welling up around her.. "If you wanted me dead.. why didn't you just kill me? I loved you very, very much.  I would of been fine with you killing me yourself.. but the baby?" her face is soaked. " You never even said good bye or played an elegy for me." Caliga more than Usagi would notice the neckaces' chain had cut her neck when it broke.. "I don't .. I don't think you did, but in this realm.. after you promised me that Oblivion would never come to harm me.. why would he come to harm me and your child like that?" she asked, still really terribly confused and internally aching "And why would you return now you bastard? Why?" her hand goes up to cover her good eye and rub the cheek and remove some of the tears.
Usagi can almost be seen shutting down in some ways, spine stiffening, a serious look crossing her face.  "But you didn't protect my world, or my friends.  I had to take a nose-dive into the Galaxy Caldron to have even the hope of a future, and as that was less than 24 hours ago I would kindly ask that you do not make light of someone who took everyone I loved away from me."  She turns to rub small circles against Mei's back if the other girl will let her, offering some comfort and support.  It's pretty clear that Caliga's here for emotional damage, not physical.  There's more she could have said to make her point, but, Mei's in real pain here.
The sunglasses on Caliga's eyes suddenly vanish as the spiral of fire touches his trenchcoat, burning it away to reveal his armor beneath. "Because you were still important. Now.." He slowly closes his eyes as he starts to life into the air. "The child, was never my priority, as cold as that sounds. You were. If you want to be dead so much... Then you're more stupid then I ever thought." A thin viel of fire suddenly appears between Usagi's hand and Mei's back, as the man shakes his head. "There was a force powerful enough on your world, Miss Tsukino, to stop it. If it was an outside influence, from another world or dimension, then we would have stepped in. Galaxia, would be nothing to us. She /is/ a light situation to TASK. You are in a completely different league now. Gods, Demi-Gods, beings filled with so much power, they can blink and destroy half of existence. It's not uncommon to find them here in Twisted. However, the key is to never give up hope. Not everyone is as evil as some people try to make them out to be. There are always two sides to a coin."
Mei clears her throat "Usagi, run, he's going to put you on a pyre, let me fight with him, I need to do this for myself I am small but if I can not stand for myself, I will never survive the rest of my life. And besides, this fight is not yours, What is said, is not for you or any other nosey bastard on this entire plane of existences' business but mine and Caliga's." she hissed, sharply, obviously feeling that she and Caliga need to talk "I am a lesser being to you then, worthy to help you pass long days but unworthy to keep loving you and bare your fruit?" she begins to draw up drops of water, shimmering just slightly  It seems to be to counteract burning of her flesh "I do not want to die, Caliga. I just want answers. Reasons.  Words." she whispered. "Miss Usagi, Go, I will heal your wounds when I am done with Caliga. I will not die. If I do, I'm quite sure my soul is stuck in this place.." she hissed again.
Aurelio's movements are lethargic, slow and lazy things that send him wobbling toward the door. He's gone for a moment, then back. "I am lost, I am lost," Words are soft, lyrical. With him he carries along an overly large guitar, device of dark wood and little ornamentation. It's gripped in one hand, dragged after with a whistling, mournful scrape. "What's the cost."
Usagi nods.  "All right, I'll be right outside if you need me.  And don't worry about any wounds, I've had much worse just dealing with Pyro."  She straightens her carrage a bit more, then looks at Caligula.  "Your inactions cost me my Mamochan." she says this plainly.  "Now excuse me while I try to go deal with that fact."  With the bearing of the princess she was, once, in another life, she heads for the exit.
"Answers? You will have none." Caliga suddenly appears behind Mei, and speaks softly. "You have nothing to do with me at all anymore. Whatever is left, is purely yours." There is no emotion to his voice as the doors to the UR suddenly explode outwards, littering the street with broken shards of glass. "Keep the Ginzuishou hidden." The words come out as a warning, as he moves past Usagi, through the broken entrance, which slowly starts to rebuild itself of its own volition. "I owe no answers to questions that should not have to be asked. Believe whatever it is you want, because nothing I say or do otherwise will change what you have already written in your heart."
Mei's heart trembled "Caliga your vow was to be my husband as long as I loved you. You will not even give me a few answers privately between yourself and I out of respect for that?" she asked, still crying just slightly, her breath shaking as she tries to calm herself down. "I still love you, you're breaking a vow." she whispered, voice still shaking, still soft, her body falling slowly, the water bubble bursts, causing rain to fall harshly within the UR.. "You accused me of being tainted by Oblivion, I never entered any such deal, I fled. You claimed I was once important to you. I am not now. You even took the locket you gave me that I've treasured and used to keep on." she whispered, her hands going into the floor, hard enough to thud. "Damn it."
"Oh, the world owes me a living~" Towards the doors of the Usual walks one Rystan Aster. He's a thief, so if one hasn't heard of him, it means he's doing his job right.  Unfortunately, he's not very good at the slipping in and out unseen part. He's always too noisy.  But the stealing... he's rather good at the stealing.  Today, he's tossing a pouch of various gems up and down, worth a tiny fortune.  Truly, it's enough to keep him in luxuries for a year. He'll probably give it back, to see if he can do so without them noticing. He's already plundered enough from the denizens of Twisted to never need steal again. It's just ... ...fun. And he's good at it.  Rystan continues his song, as the entrance to the Usual Restaurant is blown outward, pausing in his tracks for only a moment, to assess the situation.  Pretty blonde girl. Demi-god-like being blowing through the doors.  Eh. Must be the weekend.
"...And I'll be sure it pays me what it owes~"  He shakes some of the blood off his arm where the debris cut him, and continues walking into the restaurant, ignoring the snake girl that seems to move out to confront said Demi-god. She looks familiar. Ah well. He's in the mood for a drink, other people's problems aren't his concern. He moves in and takes a seat on a stool, rather pointedly ignoring the girls' plight.
"Since when does it rain in here?"
Mei's body pushes upwards slowly "Not even a last goodbye kiss.. Just your teasing face I loved so much.." her hands go up to gather the rain up, her hands moving back towards her body. "To love with your whole heart and feel it shatter, is the most unpleasant feeling. I should have sealed my heart instead of my magic.." she whispered, her hands folding together as the rain stops, body moving slowly, coldly towards the door, which she touches with her fingertips. She's still trembling soon, moving to look for Usagi it seems.
Usagi heard the phrase "I still love you" through the doors before they blew, sending glass flying everywhere and causing her to duck.  Urgh, cheap shot.  She shakes her head to shake some of the shards out of her hair.  She is severely starting to worry about Mei's taste in men.  Course, her senshi probably thought the same thing about her when she kept running back to Mamoru.  The comment about the Ginzuishou dosen't even deserve a response, that's kind of... well... obvious.  She's had enough people try to steal that where she's keeping it where it belongs.  And, she dosen't really want to deal with Caliga at the moment, he seems intent on doing nothing but causing pain today, and she really dosen't like people like that.
Mei's arms go out to Usagi "Lets go, somewhere to get the splinters out of your hair and let me soothe myself." she whispered, voice quiet with weakness, second heart break, something. "Caliga ... is wicked through and through, you should avoid him. I didn't and that was my foolishness. I regret none of it though." she whispered, finger shaking just slightly, eye fully covered by brown hair, drenched straight down her back and shoulders.
Usagi nods.  "One should never regret love, no matter how foolishly given."  She says this softly, reaching for Mei's hand and squeezing it softly in encouragement.  "And I think I got that wicked bit, he seemed like his only purpose here was to cause pain.  Shall we think of other things to talk about this evening?"
"That's a good reaction to heartbreak." Rystan comments, mostly to himself, and orders a shot of whiskey. At least he thinks it's whiskey. It could be something much more potent, dangerous, and downright poisonous to the human nervous system. Well, what's life without taking a few chances? "Bottoms up." Yeah, real way to show compassion for the poor women, Rystan. Very nice. Ah well, they're leaving anyways, what does he care?
Mei smiles a little and takes off her boot, hurling it at Rystan's head. Rystan's pretty far.. but her boot is pretty heavy. Ah well, Rystan may or may not get it. "SHUT YOUR FOOL HOLE PERVERT." she yelled out. Sure.. She didn't hit Caliga.. but damn.. even just throwing the boot seemed to help her get the steam out of her system for the moment. "Alright let me throw the other.. and we'll go." she offered. She doesn't seem to be bothered by the glass on the ground. "Ah Usagi, do you like hot bathes?" she asked, curiously "I have a bathing suit that will fit you if you are interested." she murmured.
Usagi nods.  "A hot bath sounds great right now, I feel like I haven't had one in weeks."  She reaches up with her free hand to rub the back of her neck.  "I'm just not sure if it's a good idea to get too relaxed when I don't know yet where I'm staying tonight.  I'm so strung out on information overload I don't even sound like myself right now..."
Just as Rystan tilts his glass back and takes a drink, a flying boot hits him square in the temple, sending him to the floor in a crumpled heap.  He blinks once, then again, as he realizes both that he's a) lying on the floor, and b) bleeding from a headwound.  He takes it pretty well, considering.
"... Damn. That stuff has /some kick./" Oblivious, typical.
Mei takes a moment "We'll go somewhere safe and take that bath." she leads Usagi off, holding the princess' hand "So .. you're nobility, how is that?" she asked. "I'm low born kind of." she offered, smiling and leading Usagi down the road, away from the UR. She seems to be thinking, pausing to remove  aglass eye ball from her eye patch and rub under the patch. Cautiously. "Guh casting always makes the skin around my bad eye so itchy."