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February 2009

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What lurks below the surface...

[Tidal Citadel] Entrance(#4144R)
The walk way is jagged granite, that has suffered some blows, but once you touch it, your body adjusts and breathes well enough. Although the water may still make it a smidgeon hard to walk and do fast movements due to resistance.  The walk way is line with glowing orbs that hang from elaborate white scultures, each one having an aquatic fair folk on it. The sun from above ripples through when the water is above. its always day here, it seems, as the palace is ocassionally revealed to the air above during low tide.
The doorway to the palace, that is mostly white, with its high towers being capped in domed rooms. A banner hangs visibly over the door, a gorgoneion. It seems that all are not welcome here, afterall.
[Exits   : Twisted (O)ne way, and [An]techamber(#4148E) ]
[Things  : None ]

Mei quietly sways herself along between the statues, cleaning them of some barnacles, generally leaving some alone. She's honestly pretty small and harmless looking... She is standing under water without running out of air though ; although any new comer would find as soon as they touched the ground they'd be able to breathe too...
A new person to Twisted has arrived with in the last few days and the Jedi Exile Jason Talben having found a home location he has gone out exploring following his senses or what ever attracts his attention. He's not trying to hide despite the fact his hood is up and his robes a deep black. He moves with a grace and lightness to his step. Cautious yet confidant with how he moves. Looking around the place he tries to sense who and what is around him to avoid being ambushed.
Mei seems to be the only thing around. The teeny five foot petite framed woman turns, trying to figure out what has invaded, instead of getting attacky she simply turns on heel to start toward the doors, her hands tugging up her brown fur lined hood, as if afraid of being spotted. She seems to run pretty quick considering the drag of the water, her dark skin fairly visible ; afterall everyone else on twisted is a pasty color or other non peach based color.
The Figure's Robes thankfully are waterproof and he can sense the disdain for others here and perhaps sense someone about. Still the Exile will not be pushy. "Hello, I come in peace, I mean no harm to you and yours." He calls out in a soft caring voice. Jason simply looks around what he can see and avoids entering a place period. He knows better then to enter a location with out being invited in including areas which have a clear impression of that classic "Stay away, and We should not be here."
Mei eyes the stranger, pausing at the door. "H.. Hello. May I help you?" she asked, quietly towards the stranger, keeping her hood up, shining green eyes visible from under her hood, her hands still holding the hood edges with her small feminine fingers. She pauses to spin her weight just slightly, tapping the door. "Open." she murmured, moving back just enough to let the door open, her frame taking a step to stand in the doorway.
The Figure pulls back his hood and shows his face as he looks around. "I'm exploring the area, I only just arrived in Twisted last night. I am still learning my way around." he explains "IF it is desired I can leave."
Mei pauses "Come in.. deeper." she gestures.. "You are new, I will treat you with hospitality." she steps in, turning her back, for one reason or another deciding the stranger wouldn't attack her back. "I will allow you rest, and nourishment if you desire it." she offered, quietly towards him, her body turning to offer her hand.
Jason_Talben looks around the place and he starts to approach his host, and indeed he does not attack. He has his hands in front of him and with a slow gesture folds his hands together. "Thank you for the offer of food. I am to be honest search for information on the world I have found myself it. It is very strange." The Exile extended his hand and does shake the hand of his host and says, "Thank you for inviting me inside."
Mei glances at the shake and smiles, just slightly, gently wrapping both arms around the shaking hand to bow her head. "Welcome to the Tidal Citadel." she draws him in, effortlessly, her hands are soft, but not without wear. "Well you have fallen into twisted ; twisted is not a world so much as ... a place of many worlds with many fiends.  Becareful who you befriend, who you fall in love with... who you are charmed by. I will never harm you so long as you never make yourself a threat to my safety." she pauses, smiling "We'll have to go just a smidgeon deeper to get to where I can get you what you need. Do you require food, drink, fresh clothing, a bed?" she asked, voice soft, pushing her hood back, the twin serpents wrapped in against her head, her brown hair falling down her back messily down her back. Aside from the snakes in her hair, she's relatively normal looking.
"Ah it very much as the other lady said. Yes one should always be careful, Judging by appearance is a dangerous thing. Just because a flower is pretty does not mean it is safe to smell. It could be very stinky, or the pollen poisonous." he says offering his own wisdom in return. "As I have said I mean no harm to you." Jason continues to walk slowly as he speaks. "I suppose my clothes could use a cleaning, If you can provide me with a wash basin I can do it myself." he explains. "As for food or drink I am not overly hungry, but I would not object for a small meal. If you would like Assistance in preparing it, I am more then Happy to help." Then after a few moments, "Forgive me, I have forgotten my Manners, My name is Jason Talben. I A pleasure to meet you Miss...."
Mei pauses and shakes her head a bit "Follow me deeper if you will." she pauses to reach into her hood, taking out flowers to crown the small girl statue. " I do so love poisonous blossoms." she mumbled, her hands moving to her chest, starting towards the inner door to tap it, letting it open fully.  "I can provide you both. I assure." She slides through the door, pausing "Shh.. What have I told you about being out this far from the waterfall?" she asked quietly to a very small little black haired girl, bending down to lift the little one up into her arms "I know, it is alright, shh.." she whispered.  "I do apologize for the mess." she whispered, looking at the blocks, the small plate of cookies, and a few small dolls sprawled out.
Public> Jack_Karrde sets Zarek on fire.
the Exile looks around as his senses are on alert for danger as he takes a gather over the place and smiles, "Ah it has a homey feel. And Children shall be children." he says and watches as his hostess picks the apparent child to his eyes up, he can of course be very wrong. "Forgive me but I get the impression you are hiding here, if so perhaps I could help find a way to help." he explains he's not entirely sure what is going on but his offer sounded genuine.
[Tidal Citadel] Throne Room(#4149R)
The floor is sapphire or some other equally dark gemstone. Set between the tiles is what appears to be aquamarine. A silver runner goes from the lifted stone,  oddly or not, there is only one throne on the stone. Pillows are provided below the risen stone. The throne appears to be obsidian, carved intricately with roses, and upholstered in silver velvet. To either side of the throne are statues.
One is of a horrible leviathan, one is of a lovely woman with spines and her hand extended. She's exceptionally lovely, but at the same time ferouciously frightening. the door beside her seems to go off into a library of somesort. The door beside the leviathan goes off into guest quarters.
The room is large enough for dancing and court affairs it seems, often growing to accomodate the needed space.
You leave the room.
[Exits   : [H]allway(#4158E), [St]udy(#4155E), and [Ante]chamber(#4150E) ]
[Things  : None ]
Mei chuckles a bit "I am only hiding her." she pauses "She can't communicate through words due to my botching a spell of protection, If you touch her hand, you should be able to well.. its hard but you'll know if she wants to say something. She is to be considered dead due to the danger she is in. My life is nothing, hers however should be allowed to bloom and come to fruition." she offered quietly "This is Lakshmi Satanas.. I am Mei Hebi." she offered gently, pausing to hold her hand out, her finger folding up, the rest balling up. ".. Invito Leviathan!" she called out a bit of magic flaring up before a petite blue woman with dark blue hair forms. "... Leviathan, please, bring out some food and drink, not wine if you would, I am in a mood for pomegranite juice if we have any left, Also, could you find Vitae and send our guest out a clean outfit and wash his outfit now?" she asked, bowing her head. "THank you." THe petite blue woman wanders off. Mei smiles "I am master of this citadel, you see.."
Jason_Talben nods and says, "Protecting a child is important. Innocence is nothing to be wasted." he says. The words of Magic catch him a touch by surprise but does not outwardly show it. He's not sure what she means by magic, but he can't sense Mei as a force sensitive. Which to him is magic, well his universes native magic at least. He smiles kindly to the Child and shows a mentor's love and then the use of Magic. When Mei uses Magic, her magic it catching him by surprise and he can not resist the surprise as it's not something expected. The sudden flare of energy makes his eyes go wide. And he watches as the woman appears and then he seems just a touch more guarded but not showing that he feels threatened at all. "uh, I uh," he says tongue tied a bit. "Thank you for allowing me the comforts of your Citadel Milady."
Mei smiles "My magic is protective, and usually not destructive, compared to many here I am very, very weak." she offered. Lakshmi reaches out to touch Jason's nearest body part, be it face or hand. < Hello. Momma is mean, she's hiding me from everyone won't let me play outside. Says there are no other children in the world.> the little girl stated.. within his head oddly enough. Mei .. uses an inner power as magic, that is for sure, it comes from strength of mind and strength of soul. She actually has fairly emmense power at what she can do ; healing and protecting primarily.  Two girls soon return, one pushing a cart with food on it, the other carrying a spare outfit, the new one is green and pipes up "Please go into the powder room and change and I will wash your clothes."
Jason_Talben listens to the Voices and nods speaking to Mei "I see well I have my own strength and powers. But they seem very different that what I just felt. In simple terms I am able to perceive energy." he notices the child holding his hand and the voice with in his head as he also speaks with a voice of the mind. <Hello little one. Your mother is doing what she feels is best to protect you, I am unsure as to what she is protecting you from, but she must have her reasons.) he says telepathically. Jason thanks to his time spent with Kreia linked to him had learned how to speak telepathically but also to note such. "Ah Thank you and he will take the spare clothes and smiling at the child says "It is a pleasure to meet you both." and Jason heads to the powder room to change into his new outfit."
Mei smiles, "I can only hear you, I do not speak properly that way." she offered, smiling. The new outfit would be robes in cold greys and deep blues. Obviously made for comfort. She settles in to sit on a few pillows, snuggling the little one. By the time Jason would rearrive, thetoys would be in a basket ; neatly. Mei's arms are around the little one, definantly protective in gesture.
Jason_Talben smiles as he comes back out with his Utility belt still on his waist with the cared dragon like Rod still on his belt. The Exile will hand his Robes off the the servant and bow his head and offer a "Thank you." Jason will nod as he says, "Well Perhaps if I know more I can offer assistance in helping to protect the Child from the dangers you have foreseen." he will then sit down cross legged where he can. "And the Clothes are very comfortable Thank you."
Mei mms a bit "The danger comes from some of the most dangerous beasts lurking in this hellish pit known as twisted. Oblivion. Caliga. Devi D the general of Oblivion... all very fearsome.. The one I fear most is Caliga though, what hellish things he would do to her to get back at me. You appear to be human to me, is my perception off?" she asked, quietly. "Humans, are such frail creatures, another reason Lakshmi must be very gently cared for.. She still carries my blood, but, quarters of Light Elf and Gorgon only do so much when muddled with human blood. At least her body regenerates from injury quicker than a human." she murmured. "Watch out for Wraithshadows, they'd latch onto that energy of yours and antagonize.." she commented, quietly
Jason_Talben nods as he listens to Mei "I see." Jason does not mention the fact he has met a Devi. He has no intent of frightening his hostess. "Well I assure you I have faced darkness before, from within and from without." he says. Indeed he recalls the horror of war, the pain and death. HE carries a great weight that echoes from the past that still remains with him. "I am indeed Human. I have special powers and abilities not entirely too common where I come from." He explains. "As for attempting to get to the Child, Regardless should any choose to try and harm the child in my presences, they will face a foe they should not underestimate for one moment. I am many things, but the one thing I will not allow is for a child to be harmed." he explains. "I have felt the draw and pull of the darkside, I must always be wary of the inner darkness, the abuse of my powers, to seek peace with my emotions lest they control me and tiwst me into a mockery of everything I stand for."
Mei shakes her head "Caliga could.. simply destroy me with a flick of his wrist. I should know, I've seen him after battle. I do believe I could scramble his casting ability though.." she whispered.. quietly shaking her head. "People are confusing. Humans are so strange once you find them not trying to kill you." she offered her smile back to Jason "I have no intent of fighting you. My physical strength is below a human's." she offered, pausing to nod "The siren song of darkness is a hard song to break free of.." she touches her chest.. "I should know, my heart recently found balance in rage. Which is the only reason I was able to will this castle into this existence." she offered very softly.
Jason_Talben smiles as he listens to Mei and tries to offer wisdom, "Well no one is so powerful they are invincible, everyone has their weaknesses. Even I. The Confusion I find enjoyable, if everything was so clear cut, and understandable then there would be no new mysteries to investigate, nothing to explore. And I find exploring those mysteries very enjoyable. Listening to Mei as she explains the Siren's song he says, "Rage is nothing to give into. And to me it leads one down the path of darkness. I have spent much of my life undergoing mental and physical training to resist such powerful emotions. As for Effects which control the mind, I have special powers which allow me to resist such attempts, even shield my mind from contact if I so choose.
Mei smiles a bit "I have been down the path to darkness, I do warn though, the road to darkness is paved with good intentions.." she offered, pausing "When Lakshmi was born.. I was enraged and I wanted to kill, it took months of internal searching to regain myself this far." she offered, voice soft. "People you can always trust are Zelgadis Gr.. oh the last name isn't important. Ami and Makoto are very kind sweet girls as well. They still think I am dead however, I've been in hiding to protect Lakshmi and heal my body from the traumas." she pats beside her, gesturing to the food. "The best way to protect yourself is to be a no one here. Just another quiet voice. I was a fool I fell in love with a beautifully handsome mage.. and nearly lost my essence, my child, and the least important of the three my life." she murmured, sitting up fully, petting her sleeping child "I do regret she can't play in the sun, very much. I wish I could give her the world and promise she will be safe, but I simply can promise no such thing nor can I prepare her for this world properly because of how often it changes."
Jason_Talben nods and says, "I know well how the road to damnation is paved with good intentions. But if you are not true to your self you commit a great crime. But I can no more hide who I am then I would blot out a sun. One of my teachers once told me, be careful with charity, lest you do more harm with an open hand then a clenched fist. I don't believe her, it's a lesson I can't learn it's instinct for me to try and assist others. It's what I was trained for raised for all my life." he explains. Jason stands up and gets a small snack trusting to his hostess she mans him no harm. "As for healing your body, I know mush in the way of healing perhaps I could assist in restoring your health. It would not be fast, nor easy but I am a reasonably skilled healer."
Mei smiles a bit "My body will never fully heal." she commented, chuckling "The damage on my body is a reflection of the severe damage on my soul. Or whatever we're calling it this week." she smiles and blinks a bit as the blue girl from earlier hands her a fresh eye patch. She shakes her head "No its alright." she takes off the eyepatch to reveal a scarred eye, an eye in the socket, her eyes are strange really, the colored portion really popping due to her whites being black instead. " You are very interesting, Jason. I do hope you aren't looking for the golden fleece, as I haven't got it in my posession." she offered, doubting he'd get her funny.
Jason_Talben smiles as he holds up some fruit, "Ah a wound to the soul, very difficult to heal indeed. But not impossible, To heal a wound of the soul. One must examine what lead to the wound in the first place. What actions, what choices for good or ill. These decisions must be faced and addressed no matter how painful that may be. And shall not be, I would know. The actions of the past looked upon with the wisdom of the present." Jason speaks softly and with perhaps wisdom of a sage many many decades older then the young man who is before Mei. "In the end you need to realize how you came to those decisions, why you made them, and at last come to terms with it. Facing the pain, the fear. Confronting it and making peace with what you have done. Only then can wounds of the soul start to heal." he says. The Comment on the Golden Fleece only get a confused look from Jason, "Golden Fleece? I have little need of material wealth. I know it's value, but do not rely on it. For the day will come when It may not be there to assist me."
Mei laughs a bit "Well I fell to my lust for a strong handsome man with long black hair. Then I had a baby and found out he had used my happy, loving personality as a ploy for his own devices and intended to kill myself and the baby." she shakes her head. "The golden fleece is from a story about a barbarian human who slayed monsters to steal a sheep's fleece and use it as armor. I cannot offer you armor because I have none. I also cannot use a stone gaze because I have lost my true eye on the left side." she offered. She smiles "Material wealth can buy you comfort and knowledge.. but.. I have more than enough of that because I sell my curative talents." she offered.
Jason_Talben smiles as he listens to Mei and nods, "Yes, A lesson to learn about Lust. Still I'll spare you a lesson as you have no doubt learned it. I have all I need provided for me by the Force it's self. It is my sword, it is my shield, my guide, my servant, and my Master." He finishes his drink. "The first steps to true knowledge are the Words, "I do not Know." When one speaks those words they have taken the first steps to enlightenment. I do not know what to do about your problem, but listen to words of wisdom, Do not give into revenge, or the desire to avenge your self upon this man who has wronged you, lest you become that which you wish to avoid."
Mei covers her mouth to laugh "Oh revenge has its uses.. and the greatest lessons of life, you will not learn for many years, young one. I assure you. I gave into temptation and loved, with all my heart. To give all of yourself with all of yourself is the most painfully wonderful feeling I've ever felt." she whispered.. "The man I gave myself to did not return the gesture fully, which I am alright with, because I was given a treasure to guard, and the emptiness has ebbed greatly since my treasure has begun to learn and talk. Soon I'll test her magical abilities, I sense a great deal of power in her. I can teach you to heal by manipulating life energy or taking the injury into your person." she sets Lakshmi down, taking off her light cape to drape Lakshmi with. "I have lived well over a dozen lives.. Because when I die, I am reborn with my knowledge, your lessons, are lessons I have learned. I lived most of my lives in a state of rage, foolishly. This life of began of humility. I lived a good amount of my life in squalor and learned the most of any life to date It is also the longest of them, but, I.. do not think you need to know of all my foolishness.." she again offered.
Jason_Talben chuckles softly, "Seems our powers may not be too different after all. I have all the power I need, all the power I was meant to have. If I am destined to have more it will come of the proper time and place. My Powers come from the Force, The Force is an energy field created by all living things, Surrounds us, penetrates us. Where I come from there are those for some reason born sensitive to this energy field, and with proper time, training. They can use it effortlessly." he says and then he starts to use the force and with it he uses it on the toys in the basket to life it up and allowing the toys to come out and start to perform some. Dolls will move and dance, Balls float and juggle in the air with out a juggler, that sort of thing. After a small performance they will return to the basket unless the child will awaken and he will perform a show for the little girl.
Mei chuckles "Magic is the power of your soul, of your dreams in my world. I am dreadfully given due to the amount of sensativity towards it I was born with and I've accumulated through my lives. Should I ever run completely out of magical energy ; my life will end. I will suddenly age and die. Within a month I will be reborn as a child I will repeat the process and die again. Magic works different from all the worlds it seems, it has different names." she offered, smiling " Magic does replenish over time, but if you over use it without rest it drains hard and you'll have mana sickness until it has healthily replenished."
Jason_Talben allows the toys to return to the basket as he leans back and thinks carefully, "I have no idea the limits of my powers, only what my body can handle. If I over use My powers and abilities, they will be exhausted and will take a while to restore and recharge. But the more I use them if done safely will only grow stronger and stronger. When I die, I will become one with the Force, part of it, and at last I hope to find rest and peace."
Mei heavily thinks "It sounds similar, it may infact be the same thing with a different title. I.. I will never find peace in death until my quest is done. It is a horrible curse." she offered, smiling "If it is magic, it will replenish in this citadel faster, as it is my place of power and rooted in the magic of my dreamself. Your dreams, if you slumber here, may be weird, or painful due to the trauma I've had. I apologize deeply for that, but I needed a place to help soothe my body if I get a fight and a place I can have manipulate from a distance to protect Lakshmi.. Lakshmi is a goddess in my realm, one of luck, wealth, and benevolence..  All three of which I want my child to be blessed with if she so desires."
Jason_Talben nods and listens "There are many mysteries of the Force, some say it has no will, others say it has a will. A destiny for all of us. Some say it cares nothing of good an evil and struggles only to maintain balance while countless lives are lost. I do not know the truth, and would not hazard a guess. I have been through much in my short live, no shortness of pain or suffering. And there is nothing to apologize for. I am certain I would be alright. I have faced the ghosts of my past, and put most of them to rest. Again I thank you for your hospitality. And while I am here, should danger come, I will help defend your home to the best of my powers and abilities."
Mei smiles, moving slowly to stand up and move to him, quietly, her arms wrapping around the stranger, her body is warm and soft. Her short form squeezes gently but protectively "If it is magic, I can teach you charms and how to cast protection on all around you." she offered, eyes half closed.
Jason_Talben nods and says, "I thank you, perhaps we can learn from each other, I know a few modest tricks and abilities." he says with a slight hint of amusement. Jason's effectively a Jedi Master having mastered most if not all the powers and abilities of many Jedi and Sith warriors can master. But there is always room to learn more.
Mei takes her time to just hug again. "You are welcome here, but, do becareful who you bring here. Some people around are strong enough they could tear me to shreds." she murmured, her fingers moving to take a glass and drink quietly.. "The gorgoneions don't bother you, do they?" she asked.
Jason_Talben listens to the last question and says, "I do not know what a gorgoneion is, there for I would not know if one was bothering me. But then again I do the utmost care to remain in partial on things I judge. I could speak of volumes of various beings, their cultures, their out looks. But I'd rather not bore you."
Mei takes a moment, "A gorgoneion is the head of a woman with snakes for her hair. It is a sign of protection, while morbid to have casts of the head of my great ancestor on the walls, Medusa was feared because she was cursed with stone gaze, turning those that would venture near into stone." she offered, quietly. She smiles "Help yourself to my study." she offered, watching Lakshmi.. "She's so lovely. Her face is pretty." she whispered, her hands resting infront of her, her ears twitching a bit.. "You aren't going to make fun of my physical attributes, are you?"
Jason_Talben he chuckles softly at the last comment, "Would making fun of the color of someone's eyes make any sense? The color of their hair... Unless of course they dyed it with multicolored lines and checkers just to get a reaction. And I have seen that done before." he explains.
Mei snorts a bit "... My hair is brown. plain brown like the ash we return to physically when we die." she commented, touching the long straight strands thoughtfully. "I.. I have gotten made fun of for being built like a little girl with wide hips before." she chuckled. Her body settling to lean on her throne. "You're very interesting. Checkered hair, how odd.. Admittedly it seems like fun.." she offered.
Mei chuckles a bit "My hair has only been dyed black once and during an illusion went white with curls like a lamb's pelt.." she offered, giggling a bit "Are the robes alright or are they too heavy? I am quite sure I could find you a lighter set if you so wish it." she offered.. Her toes tap as she takes off of her shoes, dancing slowly on her toe tips, moving to a silent melody, stretching her legs it seems or perhaps loosening up.
Jason_Talben smiles and says, "The Robes are fine, very light. They don't imped my movements at all, I could fight effectively in it if I had to. Although given a chance I would rather take my way out of a fight." he explains.
Mei smiles "To Run is a wise call. I would much rather flee than fight." she added. "But, again, in a physical fight nearly anyone around could easily end my existence if allowed." she offered, humming faintly, her thin ear tips twittering "Do you like music, Jason?" she asked, calmly.
Jason_Talben nods and says "I enjoy music yes. But When it comes to running from a fight, depends on the circumstances. If a hostile force came down upon a village and was intent on attacking it. If I could not convince them then use I would fight and defend the village."
Mei smiles secretively "I am .. too old to be involved in strugles. I've worn myself harshly." she offered, calml.
Jason_Talben nods, "I understand, then know I'll help defend your home when ever I am here."
Mei laughs a bit and takes her time moving gracefully on her toes. "I.. do not feel remorse in my desire to run. I am at my core interested in the survival of my child more than anyone else." she offered, casually, body moving slowly and carefully, stomach undulating in a belly dance, most likely she's just getting her own blood moving and warming up.